"In a world" of ex-radio announcers and USB microphones, Graeme provides both a fresh voice and a mature and professional approach. Specializing in commercials and broadcast/web narration, Graeme's range goes from goofy dad (just ask his teenage daughters - it comes naturally); to automotive/truck commercial reads with lots of attitude; to smooth and sophisticated documentary narration.

He has spent 25 years in the advertising business in both agencies and as a client, so he knows the session process from both sides of the recording booth window. This experience means he "gets" the intent of a commercial quickly and takes direction well - delivery of the right performance for the project is quick and painless.

Graeme has trained with the best in the voiceover business. He has worked with the legendary Nancy Wolfson in Los Angeles, and with (the equally legendary) Doriane Elliot in New York and Elley-Ray Hennessy in Toronto.

He continues to hone his skills with Rick Wasserman, Joyce Castellanos/Gene Cordes, and Edge Studio's David Goldberg, Carol Monda and Johnny Heller.

Graeme has also taken workshops with the inimitable Pat Fraley, and "the voice whisperer" Marice Tobias.

Email graeme@graemespicer.com or call (416) 716-2246 to speak with Graeme directly about your commercial or narration project.